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Listen to MJ with Storyheart (Barry Eva) on A Book and a ChatFebruary 21, 2012
A Book and a Chat with Mary Jane Paris on Barry Eva's Blog Talk Radio

About "Positive Impact" programs and foundation of positive energy in the workplace. Now, more than ever, it's important to focus on how YOU can bring positive energy into your life and workplace. Click on the image to hear the blog-cast.

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March 16, 2010
Global Talk Radio "In the News"
Radio Guest: MJ Paris discusses how to have more Positive Energy in the Workplace

February 9, 2010
Barry Eva's (Storyheart) BlogTalkRadio Show
A book and a chat with Mary Jane Paris

June 16, 2009
Power Women Magazine Radio Show
Improve workplace morale and manage "survivor syndrome" with positive "P2P" interactions
Radio guest: MJ Paris

May 27, 2009
Urban Business Roundtable hosted by CNN's Roland Martin
Managing in today's multigenerational workplace is all about diversity and inclusion
Radio guest: MJ Paris
Chicago Talk Radio, WVON

Listen in on MJ's "positive business-talk" with Jeff Sherman on WESU's "The Business Buzz" program! «Click now to hear it!» NOTE: This may take a while to download... it's worth the wait!

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