"Positive Workplace-Talk"™ Series

The Positive Interview Process:
Using Behavioral-Based Interviewing to Make the Right Hire or Be the Right Hire! 

Asking the right interview questions will save you time, build a stronger team and improve results! It Just Makes Cent$®

Ideal for new supervisors, managers or those who just want to improve their employee selection decisions!  Great for those looking for a new position and want to improve their interviewing skills!

  • Predicting future performance is a "Thing of the Past" --
    past behavior and learning!
  • Effective resumes
  • Discover why behavioral-based questions are the key to making or becoming a successful hire
  • Improve your legal compliance knowledge as it relates to the interview process
  • Learn about multiple and team interviews
Fostering a Diverse & Inclusive Workplace 

Leaders of 21st century organizations must manage diversity and practice inclusion well in order to make a Positive Impact on their organization's performance, profitability and market share.

Diversity is a strategic competitive advantage in today's global economy and just makes "cent$!"

  • Learn about diversity and inclusion
  • How to create a more inclusive workplace and customer-friendly environment
  • How to power-up your self-awareness and capitalize on the experiences and ideas of others
  • Increase productivity, achieve organizational goals and improve employee engagement and overall business results
 Managing Change:
 Leading People through Organizational Transitions

Change - The New Normal & Only Constant in Life and in Business Today!

  • Explore changes taking place in organizations today
  • Discover how organizations can prepare for change
  • Understand human reactions to change and how to deal with them
  • Learn about team involvement and visionary leadership
  • Create an action plan that will help you build a motivated and productive workforce by exploring the core principles of change management and understanding the key competencies you need to be an effective change leader!
The 411 of Managing Employee Performance

The Road to Results Is Through Your Employees!

  • Employees say managers are falling short when it comes to performanace management.... What are your employees saying?
  • Managers know performance management is important, yet it remains a challenge for most... What about you?
  • Learn the essential steps and critical information needed to
    create and deliver effective employee reviews!
  • Improve morale, productivity, set S.M.A.R.T. goals, prioritize work and avoid a 911 disaster!

Light-en Up! Time to Rebalance? (also available in the "Let's Do Lunch!" Series)

Bring Positive Energy Back into Your Life!

  • Renew, Refresh & Recapture Your Creativity & Enthusiasm!
  • Learn about the three key components of positive energy: Attitude, Communication & Self-Managment
  • Build & strengthen core "P2P" skills & improve results!
  • Learn practical, "must-do" tips for managing your time, your stress, your attitude!
  • Connected 24/7/365? Tech-No! Disconnect in a healthy way!
Managing & Resolving Conflict 

A Positive Workplace Means Business! ®

  • Understand the nature of conflict and the organizational impact it has in the workplace
  • Recognize what factors and styles play a role in conflict resolution
  • Create an approach for managing and resolving conflict in a timely manner
  • Learn to use conflict management tools to generate a positive outcome
Stress Management on the Job (also available in the "Let's Do Lunch!" Series)

Power-Up your awareness! Learn how to recognize and cut stress, add energy and get the right things done - by changing the way you talk to yourself - Positively!

  • It's proven! There is a big connection between stress, motivation and self-talk
  • Left unattended, negative self-talk:
  • Destroys creativity, damages confidence & morale, degrades productivity and...
    impacts bottom-line results
  • Learn simple & fun exercises to de-stress at your desk
Take the Time to Manage Your Time 

Turn up your "dimmer switch" and make the most of your day!

  • How well do you use your 168 hours per week?
  • Practical steps and tips for successful time management
  • Time Wasters - recognize "who" and "what" they are
  • Resources & technology tools
Winning at Human Relations 

Make a Positive Impact on your career and personal life by becoming "human relations smart!"

  • Understand the importance of human relations skills and a positive attitude in today's workplace
  • Learn how to repair human relationships & better understand the dynamic process
  • Build and maintain stronger, healthier and more positive workplace relationships through ten proven techniques

Hire and manage employees the right way, to serve your business the right way!

Programs are Customized to Meet Your Unique Needs

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I worked with MJ (Mary Jane) Paris for many years at People’s Bank, she was my mentor. MJ helped mold me into the person I am today. She began her own company several years ago. I have attended her seminars and she is remarkable.
Theresa K.