Experience a Unique and Refreshing Approach
to Teambuilding & Staff Development

Positiv a Tea

Renew, Refresh & Recapture
Creativity & Enthusiasm!

  • A Highly Interactive & Fun Way to Engage, Energize & Motivate Team Members to Improve Results & Grow Your Business!
  • Learn MJ's Ten Positivity Points for Team Success
  • Build & Strengthen Core "P2P" (people-to-people) Skills & Team Relationships
  • Learn Practical, "Must Do" Tips for Managing Your Time, Your Stress, and Your Attitude
  • It's "Positiv-A-Tea-m" Time!
  • Get Re-Focused & Ready for the Upturn!

Does Your Team Need "Positive Energy?"


"P2P" & a Cup of Tea

Sip & Enjoy A Sample of Our Signature Positiv-A-Tea® Blend
While Building Essential Communication, Team & Self-Management Skills

Bring this Tea-riffic Program to Your Workplace or Meeting Site!

Ideal for Board Meetings & Group Retreats, Strategic Planning Sessions & Summits, Sales & Staff Meetings, Conferences, and Other Special Events

 Max. 25 Participants Per Session

Two-Hour Program - Call TODAY for Pricing Information! 
(*Includes program materials, travel expenses additional)

Contact Us for Details

Half-Day & Full-Day Programs Also Available


People Are Talking...About Our New Signature Gourmet Tea Blend!

It's 100% Organic, Naturally Caffeine-Free & Gluten Free!

Try A "Sipping Sample" Today!

Dr. David L. Katz, MPH, FACPM, FACP - Renouned and celebrated nutrition expert says...
"There is no question, food can have a positive affect on our health - physically and mentally. Combining healthy ingredients further adds to our enjoyment and pleasure. It is also a source of good nutrients. Tea is a great alternative drink to what you put in and what you keep out of your body. Positiv-A-Tea is a lovely brew of positive ingredients that will have a
positive affect on those who drink it."

" I love the tea! Brewing a second cup from the same bag is as good as the first.  As the tea continued to steep, I tasted a different ingredient with each sip...the ingredients seemed to pop at different times. At the end, the lavender gave it a nice last sip...to a perfect cup of tea!"
Lisa Stockbridge, Stockbridge's Gourmet Cheesecake & Delectables, LLC

"THANK YOU" to MJ Paris for the lovely tea tasting at Written Words Bookstore in Shelton. The Positiv-A-Tea is scrumptious! We have packages for sale here at the store. They make wonderful gifts or just to sip and enjoy in the upcoming chilly nights."  Dorothy Broder

"Brad and I enjoyed our special Positiv-a-Tea gift from you. Went down easy! I imagined you smiling at me while I sipped..." Roberta B.-H.

"Love the tea! I add 1 tsp of sugar to really bring out all the flavors!" Alicia R.

"HAPPINESS IS.....a cup of Positiv-A-Tea. Its rich burgundy color and satisfying flavor makes me soooooo happy!!!" Rosemary O.

"Positiv-A-Tea is Positive-ly delicious! Its bold flavor is comforting with a kick of citrus spice, it's smooth and mellow at the same time. Love it!"
Carolyn C.

"A cup of Positiv-A-Tea is like a dose of positive energy in a cup. I really enjoy tea and have to say that aside from the fantastic message of this blend - it's positively yummy! It stands so well on its own, which I love! It's creator, Mary Jane Paris, has found a way to blend her positive spirit into this delightful cup of tea. You will truly enjoy it!"  Deanna Collins, The Gratitude Collection

"Thank you for the tea! I enjoyed a pot this weekend and another yesterday throughout the day. I have to admit that when I saw the ingredient list, I was a little hesitant - only because I'm not a big fan of "flowery" teas. But Wow! This blend is really delicious, both hot and iced! You definitely have a winner." 
Lori S., Zen Rabbit Gratitude Cookies

"I am enjoying your tea and getting a few cups out of one bag! The tea jars were a big hit. They were the perfect little gift."  Carol M.

"I was sick with a bad cold last week...drinking Positiv-A-Tea with honey really helped!" Debbie J.

"WOW! The tea is great! I am really enjoying it! Thank you!"  Janice S.

I very much enjoyed your tea over the weekend! It was wonderful!!" Cristen S.


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Mary Jane captivated and engaged us with her dynamic presentation, “Diversity in the Workplace!” We not only learned the content delivered, but had many “light bulb” moments as we turned up our dimmer switch on diversity.
Karin W.