MJ's "Positive Workplace" Book is Here! 

A Must Read During These Economic Times!

From start to finish, this book will surely "Turn Up Your Dimmer Switch"
and boost your "Positive Energy!"

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Jump Start Employee Engagement & Productivity

Learn how you can make the most of your "P2P" (people-to-people) connections and create a more positive workplace environment!  Practical, enjoyable, easy-to-read, with proven real-world tips and information that will heighten your personal awareness, improve morale, attitude, productivity…and ultimately, results!

A great gift to welcome new employees at all levels and ideal for
reward and recognition programs in your workplace!
Perfect for students of business, too!

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Let me be one of the first to congratulate you on an excellent book! I read it cover to cover last night. I finished the book knowing I had just been reminded of how to be the best - doing the basics, saying thank you and going above and beyond every day. It was a great book and one to keep on hand for constant
reminders. Griffin Hospital Occupational Medicine Center, Shelton, CT, Lisa B.

I love your book...A must read for a positive common sense approach to business. Filled with humor and valued information necessary for today's business world.
Borders Bookstore, Fairfield, CT, Diane D., Events Moderator



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Thank you so much for your time and infectious energy...
Angela S.